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Bypassing the
Blood Brain Barrier

Impel’s POD technology delivers drug
to the upper nasal cavity to target the brain


Moving Medicine Forward

Impel is developing next-generation
therapeutics for CNS disorders


What We Do

Impel is using its Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) nasal devices to develop therapies for Alzheimer’s, migraine, and other diseases of the brain. The POD devices target drug to the upper nasal cavity to improve drug delivery to the brain. The POD technology is compatible with numerous formulations and drug types. Impel has three proprietary products in clinical development, plus two further programs ready to enter clinic. In addition, Impel partners with pharma and biotech companies and is actively engaged in co-development programs in this space.

Learn how our POD technology can improve drug delivery to the brain

Alzheimer’s, Pain, Migraine

Impel is a clinical-stage company focused on developing next generation treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. We are using our POD technology to improve existing drugs as well as develop novel biologic drugs that have previously been excluded from the brain.

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Impel is committed to advancing the science and development of intranasal drug delivery to the brain. We work with top academic and pharmaceutical groups on proof-of-concept and product development intranasal programs. If you would like to collaborate with Impel, please contact us.