Impel NeuroPharma continues to work as an active partner with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and premier academic research institutions. As innovators of specialty pharmaceuticals and intranasal drug delivery, we seek to harness our expertise in study design, execution, and analysis with our experience in developing products.

With an exciting pipeline, Impel seeks partners for existing programs and new pipeline candidates. Given Impel’s focus, collaborations are sought with parties with proven experience in CNS drug development and commercialization.

Our current business development priorities include:

1. Partnering with companies interested in commercializing our existing pipeline assets.

2. Finding partners with clinical stage programs where nasal delivery has clear benefits, such as reduced systemic exposure and toxicity, non-invasive chronic administration and improved bioavailability in the CNS.

3. Companies interested in 505(b)(2) product development where changing the route of delivery can result in an advantaged new product.

4. Working with industry or governmental partners interested in co-developing rapid acting rescue medications for self-administration, ER, paramedic or battlefield use.


Impel Partners

Impel NeuroPharma has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Research Center on several different studies. We are engaged in multiple preclinical and clinical programs to test the feasibility of POD™ delivered therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease.

Impel NeuroPharma is in collaboration with researchers at the Salk Institute to develop new POD™ delivered treatments that would modulate the brains stress circuitry to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Impel NeuroPharma is working in collaboration with Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to test several POD™ delivered Traumatic Brain Injury treatments that are impermeable to the blood-brain barrier.

3M is a strategic partner with Impel, accelerating commercialization and cost effectiveness of the POD™ technology platform and of Impel’s growing portfolio.