Impel’s pipeline is built upon the Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD™) nasal drug delivery platform. With this novel platform, Impel is aiming to improve the consistency and predictability of delivery of many therapeutics that target CNS disorders. The POD™ technology has been tested with small molecules and biologics in vitro and in human trials with encouraging results.

Impel has identified CNS disorders with unmet needs that the POD™ technology can address with specific therapeutics. Our migraine program is a case in point. The efficacy of dihydroergotamine or DHE is well-established and often considered the gold standard treatment for acute migraine. But the delivery of this treatment has been sub-optimal. We believe the POD™ technology holds the promise of delivering this therapeutic in a consistent and predictable manner for patients from an easy to use device.

At Impel we continue to evaluate the opportunity to address unmet needs, like migraine, with our POD™ technology.

Product Pipeline