Agitation Treatment

Between 1.7 and 7 million episodes of acute agitation have been reported to occur in emergency room settings each year. Often, this manifests from a number of serious underlying mental health conditions such as bipolar I disorder or schizophrenia. This places a burden on Emergency Rooms, the healthcare systems, and the friends and families of those afflicted and is responsible for many healthcare staff assaults and injuries. As a result, the historic approach of “restrain and sedate” is being abandoned in favor of less coercive, more compassionate, de-escalation approaches that include less invasive pharmacologic interventions.

Our INP105 program utilizes non-invasive POD technology with olanzapine for acute agitation treatment. Olanzapine is the most commonly used treatment approved for acute agitation, but its use is limited to intramuscular injection and in a hospital setting. INP105 is intended to be suitable for use in the hospital emergency room setting as well as early in an episode where it could be self-administered in the patient’s home or supportive care setting.