Migraine Treatment

INP-104 or POD-dihydroergotamine mesylate (DHE) targets Migraine where it starts. Impel is developing a nasal DHE product with improved bioavailability and reproducibility. If successful, INP-104 would be a viable alternative to traditional triptan drugs and an effective outpatient treatment option that would make it highly desirable in the migraine market.


Patient populations who may benefit from INP-104 include:

• Those with low tolerance or contraindication for triptan drugs
• Triptan non-responders
• Those with sustained or highly frequent migraines (5>15 per month)
• Those with resistant or recurring migraines (e.g. menstrual migraine)
• Those currently prescribed Migranal or injectable DHE
• Allodynial migraineurs
• Those experiencing cluster headaches & recurrent severe tension headaches
• Dissatisfied triptan-users (e.g. those experiencing triptan headaches; those experiencing onset of migraine “late” where triptans are less effective)

DHE has several potential benefits when delivered in POD technology.


Impel is currently engaged in clinical trials to bring this improved migraine product to the market.