Parkinson’s Treatment

INP-103 (POD-Ldopa) is intended for treating “OFF” periods” for all Parkinson’s patients. Oral Levodopa (in combination with carbidopa) is the mainstay symptomatic treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Chronic levodopa use leads to motor fluctuations (dyskinesias). “OFF” episodes of motor interruption severely impair patient’s lives. As disease progresses “OFF” periods become more common. INP-103 offers a rapid acting form of levodopa, without the need for carbidopa, that acts as a rescue medication for these “OFF” episodes.

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The key benefits of INP-103 include:

• Extremely rapid delivery direct to brain.

• Carbidopa can be removed from rescue therapy

• Potential for significant levodopa dose reduction

• Central action with POD allows minimal systemic exposure

• Ideal for caregiver or patient administration