3M Drug Delivery Systems and Impel NeuroPharma Form a Strategic Alliance

ST. PAUL, MN. and Seattle, WA October 5, 2015– 3M Drug Delivery Systems (3M) and Impel NeuroPharma Inc (Impel) today announced a strategic alliance aimed at advancing Impel’s revolutionary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) technology for the enhanced Central Nervous System (CNS) delivery of drug products. The alliance further solidifies 3M’s presence as a clear leader in the drug delivery sector and shows its continued commitment to cutting-edge technology.Device_User1-e1411078071370

The alliance with 3M will enable Impel to expedite the development and commercialization of the POD technology and accelerate Impel’s internal pipeline into late-stage clinical trials and subsequent global regulatory submissions. As part of the deal, 3M and Impel will collaborate on programs directed to the continued development and commercialization of POD technology. The alliance will leverage 3M’s experience with inhaled and nasal drug delivery devices. Other details of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are pleased to have 3M join our team,” said Impel CEO Michael Hite. “We’ve successfully shown that the POD technology is highly effective in the clinic in our ongoing development programs and across diverse therapeutic areas including Alzheimer’s Disease, migraine, and pain management. We are proud to have 3M’s key strategic collaboration to support the development and commercialization of the POD platform. With 3M Impel is better able to empower researchers, physicians, patients, and their families.”

Impel’s POD technology deposits drugs deep into the upper nasal cavity where it can achieve delivery into the brain and CNS. POD is a handheld, cost-effective, noninvasive means for delivering CNS therapeutics that can be self-administered by a patient, caregiver, physician, or even family member.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that neurological diseases affect over 450 million people globally, making up approximately 40 percent of total disease burden (based on disability adjusted life years), compared to 13 percent for cancer and 12 percent for cardiovascular disease. The CNS market is valued at over $80 billion in 2015 (BCC Research) and the drug delivery market is expected to reach a value of $25.5 billion by 2017 (Jain, PharmaBiotech).

“We are impressed with the potential of Impel’s POD technology to provide a solution for an unmet need in the drug delivery marketplace,” said Cindy Kent, President and General Manager – 3M Drug Delivery Systems. “We look forward to supporting Impel as they commercialize the POD technology and expand upon 3M’s existing efforts to
develop novel approaches to major problems confronting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.”

About Impel NeuroPharma
Impel NeuroPharma was founded with a mission to enable drugs to bypass the blood brain barrier. Co-founders John Hoekman, Ph.D., and Michael Hite began their work together in 2008 at the University of Washington, and developed a technical concept into an enabling, commercializable technology. Their innovations have materialized into a rapidly growing med-tech company that has attracted seasoned professionals committed to developing a robust technology platform for nose-to-brain drug delivery. More information about Impel NeuroPharma’s pipeline and technologies can be found at www.impelnp.com.


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