is the first company to investigate targeting the upper nasal space with optimized therapeutic molecules and formulations for treating CNS diseases.

As a result, Impel NeuroPharma’s therapies have the potential to improve the onset of symptomatic relief for a spectrum of neurological conditions. Today, Impel NeuroPharma is developing treatments that use this gateway to deliver therapies for patients living with CNS disorders with high unmet medical needs.


Impel NeuroPharma’s mission is to create life-changing innovative therapies for CNS diseases. We have pioneered an approach to drug delivery that administers specific formulations of drugs deep into the vascular rich upper nasal space, a gateway for therapeutic administration of a versatile range of molecules and formulations.

Our Core Values

Innovation is our passion. We are champions of bold thinking and disruptive technologies.
Motivated team members. We nurture the best talent and empower our teams to enable amazing.
Patient Centricity. We have an unwavering commitment to improving patients’ lives.
Executional Excellence. We are quality driven, efficient and agile.
Limitless optimism. We are inspired, resilient and seek to cultivate hope.

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Impel NeuroPharma is developing therapies that have the potential to achieve rapid and consistent bioavailability of medicine to improve clinical outcomes for patients non-invasively.

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Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated that Impel NeuroPharma’s therapies have the potential to deliver injection-like absorption, as well as predictable and consistent drug delivery via our proprietary POD drug delivery technology.1

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Impel NeuroPharma is introducing mid- to late-stage clinical development programs to address patient needs in acute migraine, treatment of OFF episodes in Parkinson’s disease and acute agitation in conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder and autism.

We strive to create life-changing innovative therapies for CNS diseases.


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