Impel’s pipeline is built upon the Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) upper nasal drug delivery platform and proprietary formulations for upper nasal drug delivery. With this proprietary platform, Impel is aiming to improve the consistency and predictability of the delivery of many proven therapeutics that target CNS disorders. We believe that we are the first company to successfully harness the benefits of delivery to the upper nasal cavity to improve the therapeutic potential of CNS therapies. We have demonstrated with multiple molecules that targeting the upper nasal cavity can improve the bioavailability and biodistribution of drugs into the systemic circulation.

Impel has identified CNS disorders with high unmet medical needs that the POD technology has the potential to address with proven therapeutics. Our migraine program is a case in point: The efficacy of dihydroergotamine (DHE) is well-established and widely used as part of the standard of care for treatment of acute migraine. But the delivery of this treatment has been generally limited by intravenous and injection delivery administered in physicians’ offices, migraine clinics and hospitals. We believe the POD technology holds the promise of delivering this therapeutic in a consistent and predictable manner for patients with an easy to use device.

We have developed a late-stage pipeline of proprietary CNS product candidates built around our intellectual property, know-how and expertise in upper nasal cavity delivery. The following table summarizes our product candidates, each of which is wholly owned:


Product Pipeline

Pipeline graph